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Milligan Workshops, Inc.--A Fulfillment Service Company

Facts about Our Fulfillment Service and Finish Work Capabilities

We have been doing business in the northwest Ohio area since 1986 and have extensive experience with Just In Time product supply and delivery systems. Milligan Workshops, Inc. can be your personal, professional source for assembly , packaging, inspection , sorting and all fulfillment services while saving you money. We believe personal service is an important part of what we do, and we can prove it.

Facility & Equipment:

Milligan Workshops, Inc. has ample facilities and equipment to take care of every customers finish work needs. Recently, we added 5000 square feet of warehouse space to serve you better. Our facilities include:  

  • 20,000 sq. foot building

  • 3,000 lb. capacity forklift

  • Two (2) 24' delivery trucks

  • 2 loading docks with levelers

  • 1 ton delivery van

  • Professional crew members

  • Air compressor and air lines

Experienced in Fulfillment Services

Milligan Workshops, Inc. has experience with a wide variety of fulfillment services , some of which including:  

  • Assembly pin and clip insertion

  • Sorting

  • Assembly of corrugated cardboard dividers and boxes

  • Grommet/eyelet assembly

  • Packaging — retail and wholesale

  • Barcode labeling

  • Rubber and plastic tear trim

  • Stuffing envelopes

  • Catalog assembly & binding

  • Electronic component assembly

  • Torque gauging

  • Lightweight foam application

  • Assembly of electrical cables

  • Soldering

  • Display assembly

  • Hardware kitting

  • Labeling

  • Assembly equipment 

Milligan Workshops, Inc. also offers 100 percent inspection for all of its services. 


There are many benefits of using Milligan Workshops, Inc.'s fulfillment services  and finish work. Through Milligan customers achieve higher productivity, realize greater profitability and they will be able to utilize their skilled labor on more value-added processes — send us your repetitious and tedious tasks. Customers will also benefit from our lower overhead. Milligan Workshops, Inc. can solve your supply problems.

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