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Electric Cable Assembly

Custom Electric Cables and Wire Harnesses

electric-cable-assemblyMilligan Workshops, Inc. can serve all your custom cables and wire harness needs. We build and assemble them and all you have to do is choose the cable size, number of conductors, insert and hood style and supply us with a print. Large or small quantities at prices that can't be beat. Simply put, we're your choice for electric cable assembly

Benefits of Electric Cable Assembly

One of our customers, a local packaging equipment manufacturer, says we’ve saved them 80 percent on their shop costs since we’ve been assembling their electrical cables. The benefits of using Milligan for your custom electric cable and wire harness needs are:

Advantages of Using Milligan for Your Electric Cable Assembly 

  • Bulk buying: You continue to use your bulk buying power to purchase cable and supplies.

  • Labor only: Milligan’s charges you only for the labor.

  • Price Fixed: Once you have your piece quote, the price is fixed as long as conditions remain the same. electric-cable-assembly

Let your highly skilled and experienced engineers work on more value-added processes. Large quantities of cables or small lots all cost you less. Simply send us the cable, inserts and a drawing and you too, can begin saving today. See our photos for more information on our electric cable assembly.

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