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Box Assembly

Corrugated Box and Dunnage Assembly

Need your packaging custom formed, but getting no help from your corrugated manufacturer? We can help with your box assembly needs. We can take your die-cut and scored corrugated sheet and form it into a 3-D container, and at a great price.

Use Milligan Workshops, Inc For Your Box Assembly Needs

There are many reasons to use Milligan’s services for box assembly:

Kan Ban Units

For a local rubber extrusion company we assembled 2 different size boxes. Then we arranged those boxes on pallets in the exact quantity and order that would be needed at the manufacturing facility when the operators packed their products. Boxes needed first would be on the top, boxes used last were at the bottom of our unit. When all the boxes were used from the kan ban unit, the finished pallet of automotive parts was completely assembled.

Just In Time Product Supply

Recently, one of customers asked us to begin assembling large, pallet size boxes or Gaylords. Since these boxes are so large they asked if we could make a delivery of 20 per day to satisfy their production need. The customer saved their floor space and had their product delivered every day.

Custom Labeling and Date-Stamping

An area plastics manufacturer uses Milligan’s to affix product identification labels to their point of purchase boxes. We also date stamp the box, showing when the product was manufactured. We have automatic tape dispensers and high-speed label presenters that enable us to quote these projects at very reasonable prices.

Please visit our contact page for a hassle-free review or quote about your box assembly needs.