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Packaging Services

Milligan Workshops, Inc. Packages, Warehouses and Ships


Packaging Services

Let Milligan Workshops, Inc. be the solution to your packaging challenges. ALL TYPES of packaging are performed on the premises. We stock the items you want packaged in our warehouse, packed, shrink wrapped, and ready to ship anywhere in the world.

Point of Purchase (POP)

Milligan Workshops, Inc. also provides many other finishing services that complement any and all of your packaging needs:
Fold and tuck corrugated boxes: We can fold and tuck corrugated boxes to form dispensers to be placed at checkout points in the marketplace.

Bulk packing : We can bulk pack your products.

Shrink wrapping: We can shrink wrap your products.

Custom packaging solutions : We can custom-design packaging solutions for product safeguarding during shipping.

Easy transportation: We can strap your product to pallets or attach strapping to pair with other boxes.

Zip strips
: We can assemble your products onto zip strips for POP display.

Guaranteed Packaging Services Workforce

Milligan Workshops, Inc. won the bid to provide “blister” packaging services for an area manufacturer. Our new customer said, “…a consistent per roll cost, more open space here in our own facility and a guaranteed work force helped to seal the deal in using Milligan’s.”
The benefit of using Milligan Workshops, Inc.'s packaging services is that our capabilities are a vast as the possibilities. We have an array of facilities that allow us to meet all of your packaging needs quickly and efficiently. Milligan believes in personal service and through us you will achieve higher productivity, realize greater profitability and you will be able to utilize our skilled labor on more value-added processes — send us your repetitious and tedious tasks. Milligan Workshops, Inc. can fulfill all of your packaging needs.

Please contact us today and find out why first-time customers become life-time customers.