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Milligan Workshops, Inc. For All Your
Fulfillment Service Needs

Fulfillment Services: Assemblers, Inspectors and Packagers

We recently added 5000 square feet of warehouse space to serve you and your finish work needs better. Please visit our contact page for a hassle-free review or quote.

Low Cost; High Quality Finish Workfulfillment-services

Milligan Workshops, Inc. is your low cost, high quality source for a variety of finish work needs including:

Assembly equipment: We house and operate your assembly equipment and you save money on your finish work.

Box assembly: Milligan provides corrugated box and dunnage assembly.

Component assembly: We provide a variety of component assembly fulfillment services including automotive, electrical and packaging component assembly.

Display assembly: We assemble point of purchase displays. 

Electrical cable assembly: Milligan offers custom electric cables and wire harnesses. 

Inspection: We insure quality output by introducing tools and fixtures into the inspection process.

Kitting: We are providers of kitting and assembly services whereby parts and components are grouped together for production assembly.

Labeling: Milligan offers labeling for UPC, bottles, automotive and more labeling finish work.

Mailings: Use Milligan for all your mailing projects. From personal holiday cards to flyers and promotional items, we can take care of your finish work needs.

Packaging: We package, warehouse and ship your manufactured items.

Pick and Pack Services: We can take care of all your assembling, packing and shipping needs.

Milligan’s overhead costs are lower than any manufacturing facility so we save our customers as much as 55 percent over their in-house costs for fulfillment services . Our assemblers, inspectors and packagers are all experts with experience in all aspects of finish work including hand assembly, judgment inspection and all repetitive, value-added processes. 

Superior Fulfillment Services

Our fulfillment services are better than temp agencies can provide because you pay for your service according to the finished piece, not hourly, so your costs are locked-in at project’s start. We also provide all fulfillment service training and supervision for our professional crew members. And our reputation for quality finish work is superior because of our quality system and our attention to detail.